One day we'll get out of this sh*tty apartment.

Things have been busy...but not wedding-related busy. Due to state budget cuts, I had to take a break from teaching. I miss my teacher friends, my classroom, and my students. I decided to go back to using my science B.S. and I started a new job working in a lab. One good thing is, with a new job, comes a new apartment.

Packing and moving is a bitch. UNpacking is a million times worse. Cleaning the old apartment in hopes of getting a good amount of our deposit back is a gazillion times worse.

But, alas, we finished and turned in the keys. My last picture of our first apartment together:

My lonely ihome and ipod blasting Michael Antonia's Seattle mixes

His mixes made cleaning so much more bearable...and possibly slowed me down because I was dancing half the time. Now I can listen to my ipod at work (can't do that as a teacher). He has posted enough dj mixes to keep you going like the energizer bunny. Go get yours on The Flashdance.

Who wouldn't want this guy spinning at their wedding?

Lucky me (and my lucky friends).

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