You got the wicked style.

I finally bought my dress from here. Correction, my wonderful MOM bought my dress. Thanks, mom.

I'm over the colored shoes. Besides, the yellow Charles by Charles David's that I bought, I already wore for our engagement pictures. They are really more of a casual summer sandal anyway. I am going with my original plan and wearing the fluke-Nordstrom-sale Stuart Weitzman's, which are STILL regular price in store by the way:
Stuart Weitzman Gigiritz from Nordstrom

I bought this necklace from Etsy seller treeandkimball. It is something a little bit bold to go with my no frills dress.

Wistar by treeandkimball

Now what to wear in my hair...I got some help from the ever fabulous and always stylish East Side Bride. Thank you, ESB. I'm so moving on from the big flower and in search of feathers. I can't afford the lovely Sara Gabriel shown here and here, but yay for Etsy.

#1: Love these feathers, is the beaded star too much for a wedding? Maybe a vintage button would be better.

Dreamy Star Ostrich Feather clip by Batcakes Couture

#2: No beaded star but too poufy?

The Cream Puff by Batcakes Couture

#3: Love the button, but too flat?

Chastina by YJdesign

#4: Cute, but not enough of...something?

Lovina by YJdesign

#5: Cute, but too small?

Justina by YJdesign

#6: Too big and too much going on?

Madamme Bride by Dreamcatcherstudio

and #7: Just for fun, but too costume-y?


  1. love the necklace. i think we will go w/ the thick liner. =)

  2. The last one is so much fun! I like the beading on it.

  3. super cool. love them all

  4. such cute inspiration!! really like #1

  5. My fave is the third from last - I liked my (2) as well from Etsy but they were more delicate than yours.