If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it.

mr. c spent a lot of time designing an engagement ring perfect for me. I didn't even know what I wanted, but apparently he did.

Perfect and lovely it is.

While I was teaching, I got to wear it everyday. I keep it in the box when I don't wear it. Since I started working in a lab again, it stays in the box most of the time because I can't wear it with gloves. My first day, I almost threw it in the trash with my gloves! Eek!

On Saturday, we went back to the same jeweler in LA's jewelry mart to get our wedding bands. Gah, wedding bands are expensive! But, it is something that is going to last a few years lifetime right? ;) Since my engagement ring is custom, I had to leave it there so the jeweler can create a perfect fit for the wedding band. So, as he says, I am "unengaged" for the next two weeks.


  1. lovely!! yea, get a band that you really want. i tried to save us money and got a plain one and regretted it... until i got another one! =D

  2. Happy Holiday!!!