Everybody's smilin', sunshine day...

Congratulations, mr. and mrs. a!

photo by char.

I admit, I used our friends' wedding as a trial to see how our mutual friends "behave" at a wedding. I've gone to my share of weddings in the past few years, but this is the first with so many of the friends that we will also be inviting to our wedding. Sorry for you using you, mr. and mrs. a, but thank you for an amazing and "memorious" wedding. There are so many things that I want to share from this Sunday wedding in June at the Friendly Hills Country Club.

Friendly Hills Country Club image from Here Comes the Guide

My notes overall:
  • By far the most fun wedding that I have been to.
  • The Friendly Hills Country Club is a beautiful place to get married.
  • A Sunday wedding might suck for many because they have work on Monday. Not for me because I'm on summer vacay. Bring on the vodka tonics!
  • I saw my uncle's best friend. His wife is the groom's second cousin. Is that relevant to anyone besides me? No...but how random is that? I guess it just shows how small this world is.
  • I met EBM of Mission Impossible: Budget Wedding in LA. His fiance' is a lovely, sweet girl. And, he is a nice guy, always with his camera in hand, except when he is getting crazy on the dancefloor. We met, we chatted, and we took pictures in the photobooth:


  1. The upside to a Sunday wedding if you happen to have an open bar is that people won't get as F*ed up as they normally would because of the fact that they have work the next day : )

  2. I love the fist in the end, it is bad ass.