Everybody's laughin', sunshine day...

The Ceremony
At 5:30, the sun was slowly beginning to make its way down. Unfortunately, not fast enough for those standing at the alter. Check out Mission Impossible: Budget Wedding in LA for his hilarious take on the heat.

I cry at almost every wedding (even weddings on TV) and this was no exception. My fiance', mr. c, was their officiant (Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages to be exact).

The (self-proclaimed) Wedding God

It was a lovely, short and sweet ceremony. Even though I heard the mr. c's speech several times prior, I still can't get over how beautifully written it was, with the utmost respect and love for the bride and groom, tied in with his undeniable sense of humor. Now I kinda wish he could perform our wedding. Just kidding, mr. wook...you are going to rock our wedding.

Things I gathered from the ceremony:
  • Short, sweet, and funny is the best combination.
  • The bride and groom really rocked their own vows. We will not be writing our own vows because I cry too much.
  • If you are not sitting in the front row or an aisle seat, it's hard to see...we are thinking of having our guests sit at their tables for the ceremony. Since chairs are not included in our venue, this will save us some money.
  • A microphone stand might be nice for the officiant because mr. c was having trouble juggling the mic and his notes and at one point, the rings.
  • I love the content of their ceremony programs. Each person in the wedding party, the officiant, and the ushers had a personalized one line description. And, on the back, they wrote a nice thank you to all their guests.
I know you can't read that! Click on the image!

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