I feel my luck could change.

mr. c and I were so excited about our finds at the Rose Bowl flea market, we didn't want to wait another month for the next one. So, we went to the Melrose Trading Post (aka flea market) on Sunday. On the plus side, the entrance fee is much cheaper -- $2/person (or $1 with student ID) compared to $8/person at the Rose Bowl. However, this one is considerably smaller and we were not as lucky this week, not finding anything. Even though I know that flea markets are going to be hit or miss, I was still disappointed.

My disappointment lessened when we stopped by CB2, Crate & Barrel's more budget-friendly store. I LOVE this store. I wanted to buy so many things but had to focus on wedding finds only. We got all three of these:

cb2 lumiere candleholders on each side ($3.95 each on sale) and mahal vase in the middle ($4.95 on sale)

I so wish they had these in yellow or black:
cb2 hourglasses: green (60 min. $29.95; 15 min. $9.95) or gray (15 min. $7.95 on sale)

I thought again about adding gray or green, just so I could get these but the rational side of me kicked in and I (reluctantly) put them back on the shelf.

My disappointment lessened even more when we stopped by the Grove. The Sprinkles van just happened to be making it's first appearance on Sunday:

Even better, they were there to promote a movie, (500)Days of Summer, and gave away 500 free red velvet cupcakes. You can follow the Sprinkles mobile on Twitter here, but don't expect free cupcakes. Cupcakes are $4.00 each ($0.75 more than in the store). Yes, that is quite pricey, but if it ever came to South Bay, I would pay the extra money...I'm sure I'd be saving on gas and the headaches of the 405 right? The Sprinkles mobile will also available for private events. Check out the article in the LA Times here.

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