Everybody seems so happy today, it's a sunshine day.

The Reception
The party was definitely good times. When you go to a wedding that you only know your date and the bride and/or the groom, you tend to bolt as soon as the cake is cut (if not sooner).
A wedding with all your friends is so much fun! Before we knew it, we were being played out of the reception hall to the last minute last song request of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" (the song completely ruined by drunk girls in every LA club).

The digital photobooth from Cheesy Photobooths was a MAJOR hit. mr. c and I were deciding whether the photobooth would be worth the $1000+. We realized quickly that it
was mostly our friends that were being photobooth whores that night and we had so much fun with it. So survey says, HELL YEAH!
These are only a few of the many taken by us in the Cheesy Photobooth.

One of my favorite parts of the night was when a certain someone (ahem, mr. c) requested a certain Bone Thugs n Harmony song...and passed the mic to the bride to spit some rhymes..and she rocked it! That girl can drop the first two verses of "Let's Ride" like no other. Yet another reason why we love her.
Bone Thugs rappin' bride photo by SA.
FYI...there might be a youtube video out there if you can find it.

We have a collection of wedding glassware that we sometimes seem to "misplace." Sorry my friends that have given out these favors or are planning to use these favors...don't be mad. While a forever keepsake is a nice idea, I haven't used your wedding favor at my latest dinner party. I will remember your wedding more through pictures.

My favorite kinds of favors: yummy treats. mr. and mrs. a gave two. The first were delicious chocolate mints. They gave us a bag full of the extras. Yum. The second was a take out box with arare (rice crackers to represent mr. a's Japanese culture) and fortune cookies (to represent mrs. a's chinese culture).

200 + created and stuffed by the bride and groom

Instead of your typical fortunes, these contained wonderfully cheesy pick up lines like this:

Go ahead and use this one at your next club night.

My notes from this reception:
  • I might be a horrible "host" at our reception because I will most likely be at one of three places all night: dancefloor, photobooth, bar.
  • We are definitely getting a photobooth. The question still remains: digital or classic? We love the look of classic photobooth pictures, but they don't print out double copies like the digital photobooth and people (including myself) like being able to take a copy home.
  • SLIPPERS for the ladies! mrs. a had a basket of about 20 pairs of Old Navy slippers for any girls that wanted to swap out their heels to get their dance on.
  • Speeches at the beginning of the night to avoid slurring words.
  • Super cute idea for escort cards, created by the bride:
Duh, click on the image so you can read it!
front: How well do you know the bride and groom?
inside: answer = table number
back: entree selection

mr. and mrs. a, your wedding was fabulous and fun, as a wedding should be. Thank you for putting your (sometimes undeserving) trust in mr. c to officiate your wedding (aka potentially ruin your wedding). We are lucky to have wonderful friends like the two of you and we wish you all the best in your new life together. We can only hope that you and all our friends will enjoy our wedding as much as we enjoyed yours. Have an amazing honeymoon and we will see you in a couple of weeks.

It was with GREAT pleasure that mr. c was able to present for the first time, mr. and mr. a:

photo taken by miss s.


  1. lol...dude, don't broadcast the youtube video i uploaded.lol

  2. thanks miss t. for all the compliments on our wedding. It was sort of hard work, but not really seeing as i don't stress out. well, if you need help, i can be of assistance after we get back from the honeymoon. no work this summer : )

  3. Awww, love the photobooth. I'm really thinking about adding it now...