Another one bites the dust.

My friend and bridal party member, miss e., who you may remember from her assistance in mr. c's proposal, is finally engaged! I say "finally" because she and mr. r have been together for TWELVE years! Oh my! I am so excited not only for her engagement but for her upcoming wedding next year. miss e. has amazing fashion sense (thank god, since she is a buyer for this store) and she has an eye for all things lovely, so I know her wedding is going to be absolutely fabulous.

We went to check out one of the places that I loved online in the search for our venue.

The Smog Shoppe is even lovelier in person! There are so many amazing details throughout the venue. I was so happy to actually see it in person and, for partially selfish reasons (a.k.a. so I can attend a wedding here), I hope that miss e. books it! It is absolutely PERFECT for her whimsical vision of their wedding. Even the sign is a sign -- these are her colors:

It's a sign.

I know she will add her own stylish touches to this already gorgeous venue.

miss e. checking out the hidden kitchen. I love the tables and benches.

What a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.

A bridal suite with private restroom and a grand staircase entrance.

Eclectic furniture and decor.

How fab are these bathrooms?

Congratulations on your engagement, miss e. I am so excited that we get to share this crazy experience together.


  1. the place looks great. i love the wall with all the greenery. congratulations to miss e.

  2. ditto---it looks like a really cool/unique venue! congrats to miss e!