No boots with the fur here.

I love shoes. I love Nordstrom.com. Those two things are a dangerous combination for my credit card, but an oh-so-lovely combination for my size 4/4.5 feet. Once in a blue moon (good thing not more often), I come across an I-must-be-dreaming deal. Check out these black satin Stuart Weitzman lovelies I got by what I think must be some fluke accidental sale price of $109.95 with free-shipping-on-any-shoe-purchase at Nordstrom.com.

Stuart Weitzman black satin Gigi Ritz
photo borrowed from nordstrom.com

Soooo, how can a sale be accidental?! The next day I got nervous they might not fit, so I was going to buy another size just in case since it would be free shipping anyway (besides, Nordstrom has a great return policy). But, my shoes were now listed back to $298! Whaaaat? I don't know, but I'll take it.

A couple weeks later, I found these super cute Kate Spades at Nordstrom Rack for $60.
Kate Spade black satin Kit slingback
photo borrowed from nordstrom.com

Truth be told...the leather/elastic slingback kinda hurts the back of my feet. I probably won't even last through our super-short ceremony in these!

Buuuuut, I'm not done shoe shopping. Now, I want to wear yellow shoes instead. I picked up these Charles by Charles David shoes on endless.com for $72.90.

Charles by Charles David yellow leather Dovey
photo borrowed from nordstrom.com

They are arriving tomorrow. They are kinda plain and not quite dressy enough, but I am going to use some Etsy inspiration and add some fabric in the form of a bow and/or a flower to make these shoes super rockin'.

Still, the hunt for my wedding shoes will not end. And, most likely, I will not want to return any of the runner ups. :/

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