And our wedding venue is...

Brunswick Studio in LA's fashion district

Our wedding venue is truly an AMAZING space. We both loved it from the moment we stepped in and knew this was it. It is exactly what we want -- a blank canvas with a whole lot of character, if that makes any sense at all. It's a loft-style space with hardwood floors, exposed posts, and brick walls. This 6500 square foot space is large enough to hold the ceremony and reception. Surprisingly, the price is right, only because we got lucky and saw the place as it was undergoing renovations and the price had not gone up yet. Words cannot even do this place justice. It is simply GORGEOUS. Check out the fabulous photos taken by David C. Lee on the Brunswick Studio website.

photo borrowed from Brunswick Studio, fabulous photography by David C. Lee


  1. Traci, I seem to have very similar tastes to you where the venue criteria are concerned :-) - My fi and i have looked at Brunswick ourselves, but we hadn't seen any pics of an event that was held there until your wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty (which i have a love-hate relationship with). Can you comment on what it was like to deal with the Brunswick studio management - were they responsive, helpful? was the contract reasonable? Thanks in advance, CF

  2. CF, sorry for the late response! Can you send me an email and I'll send you the answer that I sent to a bride recently regarding the venue? My email address is mikanmusume33 at yahoo.com.