Bride vs. Groom?

Yes, that does say "bride versus groom." Yes, we are getting married. No, this is not a death match.

I am an elementary school teacher and my boyfriend fiance is a graduate student. We are planning our wedding in this not-so-great economy on my not-so-great salary and his not-so-great stipend.

First order of business...what am I going to wear!? Hah, I wish. More like, how much money can we afford to spend? Boo, buzz kill. We set a $20,000 budget, with the groom's no doubt expectation of going over in order to have the wedding that I envision. However, I cannot resist a challenge (part of how our relationship came to be), and I am doing my damnedest to stick to the budget while still knocking the stilettos off of the ladies (because really, let's face it, as long as there is plenty of alcohol, the guys will be as happy content as they can possibly be at a wedding).

I admit, this blog is more for me to keep a record of our wedding planning process (much easier than a scrapbook). But, please join me in this battle of bride versus groom.

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