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Rec Center Studios (Echo Park)
Rec Center This is the first space we looked at and I was very excited about it. We really love the look of this space. From the outside, it doesn't look like an event space at all. The hallway leading in is an original bowling lane. I liked the sunken lounge area with its tall brick wall...perfect for cocktails and lounging. The main space has beautiful high ceilings with skylights, stark white walls and hardwood floors. There is also a loft space that could be used for DJ set up, as well as a kitchen/bar and changing rooms. However, the actual usable space for a ceremony and reception was not ideal for our projected wedding size of 125+ people. We would have to have the ceremony in the main space, move everyone over to the lounge area for cocktails, and transform the ceremony to the reception. It would make things a little difficult but we would be willing. Our other option would be to have the ceremony in a different location, but that would also mean added cost. The price was already slightly higher than we wanted to spend but again, we were leaning towards willing. The metered parking lot would constantly have to feed until 8pm. Yeah, that would be a fun job for someone.
photo borrowed from Rec Center Studios

Hangar 1018 (downtown LA)

This was a nice, big space, again with brick and white walls. It had a loft space for a DJ set up. There was a changing room and space in the back for catering set up. There was also a back patio area that I really didn’t think was usable because it was quite dirty. The main space was cohesive and would be nice for a reception and dancing, but no space for a ceremony. The price was again a little bit higher than we wanted to pay, but we liked the look of the space. There was street parking available, which was free after 6:00pm, and no option for a parking lot.

Hangar 1018 - photo borrowed from Hangar 1018 website photos

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