Not so much...

Terrell Moore’s Art Gallery (Inglewood)
This guy Terrell Moore is an artist living in what could be an awesome loft (if he cleaned it up) above his art gallery. The white walled art gallery along with his art would be great for an art show/cocktail party. The room had a round wall that would make a difficult reception set up…it might feel like people are separated into two different rooms – A list and B list? The “kitchen” consisted of a counter and a microwave. Plus, his bathrooms were too dirty for me. We now get invites to Ping Ping’s events. WOOOOO HOOOOO... not really.
UPDATE: He sent out an email saying he has now SOLD the place. We would have been SCREWED if we had gone with this guy (not that we would have).

The Open Space (Jtown)
This is near the train tracks in downtown LA…not the safest area but there was some nice graffiti art outside that would make for pretty awesome wedding pictures. As for the actual studio though, I was not getting a wedding vibe…or even a party vibe. It is a dance studio, with a ballet bar and a dance lesson going on while we were checking out the place. The price was right…but yea…not so much.

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