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Huron Substation
Although we didn’t actually check out this space in person, I am sure I would have loved it. It is a gorgeous space with an outdoor courtyard and indoor main floor and mezzanine with old brick walls, high ceilings, and exposed steel beams. Unfortunately for us, the place has grown quite popular, having been featured in publications and screenings, and is way out of our budget. There were also a few other drawbacks in the details. At the time, events could be booked only six months in advance (I believe her website now says 8 months). The owner only books six events per year, so by the end of the year, she may have already met her quota. With our projected guest list, it might be too small, holding a max of 125 people. You must use a preferred vendor for the site rep, for which a price is not listed. I believe there was a reserved parking lot that you could pay to use.
Huron Substation - photo borrowed from the Huron Substation portfolio

Smog Shoppe and Marvimon
After a quick email and response, I realized both these places were too expensive. But, I love them. If I had unlimited funds, I would check out either of these amazing spaces. The Smog Shoppe is in the Culver City art district and the Marvimon is in downtown LA. Both are quite fabulous and I wouldn’t mind attending a wedding here.

Smog Shoppe -amazing photography by Picotte Photography

Marvimon -amazing photography by Picotte Photography

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