The awesome-est DJ

I am so excited to meet our hopefully DJ tomorrow!! Thanks to my favorite wedding bloggers, The Broke-Ass Bride and The Mason Jar Bride, for sharing of their amazing finding. We are meeting Michael Antonia, aka the Human Jukebox, of The Flashdance. If you don't know, now ya know...he was DJ at Speidi's wedding, but we won't hold that against him.

super hilarious photo of Speidi by Featherlove Photography

Everything about Michael Antonia radiates awesomeness. Check out the awesome blog where you can listen to his awesome DJ mixes. This guy even looks awesome.

The Human Jukebox photo borrowed from The Flashdance

**I vow to not use the word awesome in this blog anymore except in references to the Human Jukebox, who will tell us (more of) how awesome he is tomorrow.**

I can't wait to meet him. Cross your fingers he likes us too...

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