The way you [DIY] the things you do

DIY-ing it attempt #1.

Scrapbook Paper Pomander
Construction Time: ~1 hour
2-inch styrofoam ball
2 different color or patterned scrapbook paper
large flower punch (I used Carl CarlaCraft Ume-L)
small flower punch (I used Carl CarlaCraft Ume-S)
quilter's pins
6-inch ribbon strip

Click on image for larger view.
1. Punch ~30 large and small flowers.
2. Make a loop with the ribbon and attach to styrofoam ball using stacked large and small flower with a pin.
3. Using that as your center point, continue to attach stacked large and small flowers with pins, allowing the flowers to overlap so that the white styrofoam doesn't show.
4. Adjust flowers as necessary to cover entire styrofoam ball.

Not too shabby for the first DIY-ing it. Punching "x" amount of flowers would definitely make my hand hurt. But, mr. c fixed that by getting me the greatest birthday gift ever...
Pazzles Creative Cutter Inspiration

According to mr. c's research on the forums, this is even better than the Cricut (everyone has seen those infomercials). With less than a month left of the school year, I am tempted to play with it, but I am trying to wait until summer vacay. I did test out a few flowers and mr. c made this hot little number:
For my next DIY-ing it attempt, I want to use fabric instead of paper. But, the punch won't go through the fabric. I learned that if I stiffen the fabric, I can punch my flowers or better yet, use my Creative Cutter Inpiration. Thank you Martha Stewart for this tip from her Encyclopedia of Crafts that I picked up at Costco:
This is my new favorite book...well, at least it comes a close second to "Twilight." Sorry, Martha, ya don't got nothin' on Edward.

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  1. i love the martha book too! i picked it up at costco last week!