A no-budget production of the Best Night Ever: My Marriage Proposal

99 (RED) Balloons (2009)
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mr. c
Writer: mr. c
Release date: January 3, 2009
Genre: my marriage proposal
Plot: Panda thinks she is going to a benefit with Frog at the Royal-T art gallery. Little does she know that she is about to get the surprise of her life by Monkey, her friend of over 10 years/boyfriend of nearly 3 years.
Cast (in order of appearance):

miss t......................Panda

mr. c.......................Monkey

miss e......................Frog

Additional Details:
My fiance' is the most hilarious, most creative, and most thoughtful guy I know (he never reads this blog so he will never know I think this. ;) shhh). Most people never even see the last thing because he is also a sarcastic ass. :) Like all things he does, his proposal was an over-the-top, planned-to-the-very-last-detail production. But, unlike most of his "surprises" where I have always had some idea of what's going on (shh, don't tell him), this one literally put me in complete and utter shock.

As with all huge productions, unexpected situations arise that create panic, and he forgot to push "record" on the camcorder so the actual proposal was not caught on tape. As nice of an idea this was, for me, this is a relief, because in my state of shock, I looked incredibly dumbfounded. Thus, instead of telling our proposal story over and over again, my creative fiance' took this as an opportunity to write and direct the Best Night Ever: My Marriage Proposal puppet show.

Without futher ado, 99 (RED) Balloons:

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