Come with me my love to the sea.

On her wedding day, she was relaxed, excited, glowing, and beautiful. I hope to hold it together nearly as well as my friend, mrs. w. To prepare for their 10:30 am wedding ceremony, mrs. w was getting ready with a cocktail in hand at 6:30am. Lucky for her, she is a total morning person. I, on the other hand, would probably be late for my own wedding if I had to get ready that early.

mr. and mrs. w were married at one of their favorite places -- the beach. How awesome is it for guests to kick off their heels and walk
barefoot on the sand to their seats?! I love how the groomsmen wore their shirts open collar and no jacket. I think this was a great way to distinguish between the mr. w and his groomsmen.

mrs. w is not a shopper, but she did not stop until she found a dress that was flattering and comfortable for all her bridesmaids. I love her selflessness.

I don't know how she did it, but mrs. w looked so incredibly cool and collected as she walked down the aisle with both her parents to "Sea of Love" by Cat Power (from the Juno soundtrack). That song along with her happiness was more than enough to bring tears to more than a few eyes.

The reception was held at The Chart House, which overlooks, what else but, the beach! Her table numbers were so cute and personal. To say mr. and mrs. w are baseball fans really is an understatement. E
ach of the eight tables was a different baseball team and stadium that they went to together!

I really loved mrs. w's dance with her father as they sang the words of Anne Murray's Could I Have This Dance to each other. This is exactly why we are not doing these dances...I cry too much.

Remember my post about the delish favors from mr. and mrs. a's wedding? mr. and mrs. w had a different, but equally wonderful, "favor." Animal lovers that they are, mr. and mrs. w skipped the favors and made a donation to the Best Friends Animal Society.

This bride and groom had no time to rest. After the wedding and a little bit of downtime, they had a wedding afterparty at our favorite spot for happy hour. What an awesome way to end a fun-filled wedding day.

Congratulations, mr. and mrs. w.

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