Hopelessly devoted to you.

Last Saturday, after the Renegade Craft Fair, we walked around the garment district in search of fabrics and beads. We used this and this as our guide. I found both fabrics and beads, but right now, I am obsessed with the fabrics we bought to make our pomanders.

We went through a few of those fabric stores that advertise the $1/yard fabrics. All those fabrics were crap. I know, many of those stores have nicer fabrics inside. However, inside was a mess...stacks upon stacks upon stacks of fabric. Keep in mind, I was not looking for yards and yards of fabric, so this was not worth the time and effort.

We ended up at Michael Levine, a REAL store.

Oh. My. Gosh.

It was fabric heaven. Rows and rows of fabric, neatly organized by fabric type and then by color. Ahh, my kind of store. It was like "Ooh look at this" and "Ooh look at that." I even changed our colors a few times with each fabric that caught my eye.

As you might have guessed, fabric here was not $1/yard. Everything I wanted was $8.00 - $8.50 per yard and absolutely 100% worth it!

I am in love with Timeless Treasures by Alice Kennedy. Her entire Taxi collection represents our wedding perfectly,in our original color scheme:

How can you ooh and ahh with me if you don't enlarge it!

I am so so SO excited about these two purchases:

I also wanted this one but sadly watched another girl walk off with the last remaining yards (which, of course, makes me want it more):

Of two things you can be sure...one, you will definitely see the first two fabrics we purchased throughout our centerpieces. And, two, you will definitely see the third fabric and one or two of the others incorporated somewhere else...possibly in attire.


  1. ooo pretty. love the taxi leaves collection.

  2. Wow, love the patterns. Congrats on the find!

    Thanks for the comment about the flowers. Sigh, what a dilemma!