Isn't she lovely made from love?

I heart the Renegade Craft Fair. The view from the California Market Center 13th floor penthouse is amazing. We could see the backside of our venue from here. These are my favorite vendors:
oh, hello friend.
She designs the delightful jewelry that I wrote about here.
Check out her etsy shop here and her blog here.

It was so nice to meet you, Danni. You are super sweet just like your shop.

All my purchases from oh, hello friend. You might recognize three of these from here. This means I loved her stuff just as much as I did online. I wanted to buy EVERYTHING (but had to restrain). mr. c helped out and bought me the lemon sherbert one.

This is one of her new designs and my now favorite necklace.

ex libris anonymous
He turns old hardcover books into journals. What a great idea!
Check out his shop here and his blog here.

I bought mr. c "The Golden Book of Science for Boys and Girls" to help him become a doctor.

Thea Starr
She specializes in kimono fabric flower accessories, perfect for weddings.
Check out her etsy shop here and her website here.

A gorgeous alternative to real flower bouquets.

I talked to her about customizing a (bigger) bouquet for me using these black and cream flowers.

She designs cute accessories that would make unique wedding party gifts.
Check out her shop and website here (where I got all the following images from).

destroyed by design.
She makes adorable animal shaped jewelry, which are customizable! Another possible bridal party gift.
Check out here etsy shop here and her website here.

acrylic necklaces.

acrylic earrings.

Crayon Fawn
She makes these funny hair accessories. Maybe not for the wedding ceremony, but oh so cute for an engagement session.
Check out her etsy shop here (where I got the following images from).

sushi hat.

cupcake hat.

Nothing to do with weddings, but just because I love pandas.

Check out her etsy shop here and her blog here.

Panda rings are too cute.


  1. cute finds! loving the jewelry from oh, hello friend :)

  2. Looks like you had fun!
    You have a boy becoming a dr. too?? I bought him a notebook like that at a craft fair one year, it was an old book cover with a doctor on the cover.
    I love pandas too.

  3. Wow! Fun and fantastic things everywhere! You are going to have such an awesome wedding!!!