Oh make me over, part 2.

Sneak peek #2:

Frame (settings) and rose cabochons from Etsy seller, PinkyNoodles. I love her carnival of fun shop!
4 x 6mm Czech glass baby bell flowers beads in coral lemon yellow from Etsy seller, jewelsnfindings.
More baby bell beads in jet (black) and milky white luster from Etsy seller, mountainshadowdesign.
I added my Alice Kennedy Timeless Treasures fabric to the backs of these crystals (that came on this candelabra) to make them more fun.

Round crystal beads came with a different candelabra.
lack round and yellow faceted acrylic beads and the metal beads and chains from Athenian Fashions in LA's garment district. Thanks to Stephanie, who was very helpful and taught me how to attach the metal beads to the chains!

Two centerpieces completed. Now where am I going to store them until February??

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  1. great details on the centerpiece! we have so many wedding related items stored all over our house, it's not pretty.