Leaving on a jet plane.

With 3 photography sessions lined up with our amazing photographer, we would like to shoot at 3 distinctly different locations.

We want to do our engagement session this summer. I asked Erinn (my photographer's talented wife/second shooter) where this field is that she shot this lovely senior portrait of Lauren:

Who would have thunk that flowers bloom in the SPRING and may not last through the SUMMER? Certainly not me, who SHOULD have considered that, having taught first graders this year.

Change o' plan.

It turns out Chris and Erinn are traveling to somewhere I love --Seattle, and we are going to meet them up there! Right now, plane ticket prices have skyrocketed so we are hoping that it goes back down soon.

In my search for prospective photo locations in Seattle, I came across Sarah Rhoads' blog. Her site makes me excited for Seattle!

Seattle cityscape.

I love this tree.

Such a beautiful field.

It's like a dream.

Kathryn and Michael:
This reminds me of Twilight!

My favorite - Leda and Jonathan:
This couple is gorgeous.

This bridge is lovely.

I. Can't. Wait.

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  1. Good Lord, you are so busy! I can't wait to see how your pictures come out!!!!