What you waitin' for?

Last week, I received 3 boxes of discount glass jars purchased from save-on-crafts to be used for centerpieces and possibly a reception snack table (instead of just candy). Originally, I was looking for vintage bell jars and apothecary jars at the flea market, but those we found cost way more than I wanted to spend per centerpiece. I had to take a picture of this find with my BB:
Yay or nay on this centerpiece idea? :D
Rose Bowl Flea Market find: Apothecary jars $48 each (freaky doll heads included!)

Quite honestly, it doesn't matter to me whether it is truly vintage or vintage-like, as long as it looks good and doesn't break the bank. mr. c found me save-on-crafts online and Megan Marie of project: bride also gave a thumbs up review of her purchases, so I went with it.

My review, based on what I needed (glass bell jars and apothecary jars):
  • Variety of sizes and shapes of the jars is good.
  • Costs of jars are pretty cheap.
  • Shipping was pricey (as expected with all the glass), but very quick.
  • The quality of the glass is okay, with a few bubbles and imperfections.
Overall, I am completely satisfied and excited to do something with these.

My favorite purchase is this set of three bell jars, to be used for one centerpiece.

I also bought this set of three apothecary jars...

Individual Mini Apothecary Jars with Lids: 4-1/4" $2.99, 6" $4.19, 5" $3.99

and four of these (same) apothecary jars.

I bought the last four apothecary jars for the snack table. 11-3/4" sounded like a decent size, and height-wise, it is. However, looking at the jars, you can see the neck is smaller, but I didn't consider that it might be too small for even my hand to fit in. Instead, I will be mixing all the apothecary jars around for a couple of centerpieces and for a part of the snack table.

From the box that the set of three apothecary jars came in, they might also be found at discount stores, like Big Lots or Marshalls /
TJ Maxx or Wal-mart (although I refuse to go there). I also saw a few at Michaels, with a 40% off coupon, will be a pretty good price. But, Michaels has a limited selection, so I am still happy with my purchase from save-on-crafts.

In addition, save-on-crafts has many other discount craft items. If we had not been so lucky to find the lovely birdcages at the flea market shown in my post here, I would probably buy this set of three gorgeous birdcages for just $35!

The more I look at them, the more I want them now. In fact...if it turns out we need a couple extra centerpieces, I might just have to buy them. :)


  1. *Sigh* I love those bird cages. You have a great variety of size and height in jars. Have you decided on the candy?

  2. Those doll heads are far too scary!